Andrea Dupont



My path to high performance sport was quite different than most.

While most athletes are training full time in their early 20’s I was hitting the books. It wasn’t until my final year of my MSc, while racing World University Game in Italy (completely out of shape), that I realized that it was now or never, if I were ever to chase my dream of representing Canada on the world stage.

And so over the past number of years, despite being told that I started training to late, I have raced and trained myself into one of Canada’s top female cross country skiers. It has not been an easy path, as anyone who tries to do anything outside of the norm can attest. But for me the journey is worth it, and maybe, just maybe, the next athlete who takes this path in our system might have an easier time finding their way.

I feel incredibly blessed to be apart of an amazing team with amazing coaches and team mates. I have learned an incredible amount from sport and I love passing on what I have learned in training, nutrition, school or life balance.

This website is for my friends, family and supporters to follow me on my journey striving to do what I love well at the highest level.



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