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B-Tour Take 2

About a year ago I had the opportunity to come to Europe to represent Canada at Latvian Nationals and some Scandinavian cup races while preparing for the World Cup starts in March. Unfortunately last year about a week after arriving in Europe I caught a bad chest cold, that I spent the rest of my trip fighting. Instead of feeling like I was able to test my fitness on the World Cup level, I felt like a fish out of water after not being able to train properly for several weeks.

You are not always given the opportunity to redo everything in life, so when I was offered the opportunity to join B-Tour again, jumped on the chance to my fitness once again in Europe. I am currently over in Scandinavia with a team of Canadians as we prepare for some Scando cup and world cup races. We are a team of This year on top of being super conscious about hand sanitizing before meals, I decided to have an easier training block on either side of my travel to ensure my immune system was ready to fight whatever it came in contact with. Previous years I have always done a bit more volume when I first got over to Europe to help the body feel tired enough to sleep well while dealing with jet lag.

The first week here we had warm up races at Latvian National Champs where Canada had a strong showing on the podium. It was a good day and a good chance to shake out some jet lag and prepare for much tougher races to come.


Next weekend we will race in Madona, Latvia in distance Scando cups before moving on to Joulumae, Estonia for 2 sprint Scando cups. To give you an idea of the level of competition we expect at these Scando cups, there is apparently 90 racers signed up from Norway alone. The Scandinavian countries take these races quite seriously, so I am excited to test my speed in the sprints next week. I would expect to see anyone who didn’t quite make World Champs to be here.

Then we will have a training week leading into a weekend of World cup racing in Lahti, Finland.

Here’s to second chances!


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