Andrea Dupont

Behind Door #2

They say when one door closes another door opens. When the door closed on my chances of going to the Olympics, I did not expect that there would be anything behind door number 2 that could compare.

I started planning out the rest of my season and decided since I was the fittest I have ever been in my life and I should use my fitness while I had it. I decided that one way or another I was going to find some high level sprint races.

Initially my plan was to head over with my racing team to do some smaller races and to peak for German nationals champs at the end of my trip. Before leaving, I headed to Ottawa to finish the NorAm race series. Heading into the weekend I did not think there was any chance of me taking over the NorAm lead as I had missed some key races earlier in the year due to sickness.

A solid weekend of racing at Easterns left me a few points in the lead of the NorAm series and completely changed the rest of my season. As a sprinter, I have never been in contention for the NorAm lead, but with many of our top women at the Olympics, I was able to get some decent distance rankings. This opened up the opportunity for me to race world cup for the month of March and to race some Scando cups to prepare in February. This includes 3 World Cup sprints after having 3 weeks to adjust to Euro time. In terms of racing opportunities go, this is actually way better than going to the Olympics, as I would have only had one or two world class races and this way I have many!

I am still a bit in shock and excited for the rest of the season!

Here’s a quick summary of my new race schedule:

Madona, Latvia – Scando Cup -Skate Sprint, 10km Skate

Otepaa, Estonia – Scando Cup – Classic Sprint, 10km Classic

Lahti, Finland – World Cup – Skate Sprint, 10km Skate

Drammen, Norway – World Cup – Classic Sprint

Falun, Sweden – World Cup Finals – Classic Sprint, 15km Skiathlon, 10km Skate

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