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It takes a village…

They say it takes a village to raise an athlete and I have definitely felt incredibly supported through out Olympic trials and this last week.

We had two sprint races for Olympic qualifiers from which they were selecting one women and one man to join the rest of the team that is already in Europe racing. I qualified well both days in second only a fraction of a second behind first. It was exciting racing both days in the heats, but my legs did not seem to have enough juice on the final climb.  It is a little crushing when you don’t quite have enough on race day, but it does feel good to lay it all on the line.

Sport is about training your body to get to its’ peak and then laying it all on the line. I did not realize when I set out on this journey how much I would enjoy training and I definitely did not realize how fit people at the top level were. I am happy with my effort, disappointed by missing Sochi by a small margin, but mostly feel so frick’en fit right now that I need to go race.

The race season really has only just begun. I am excited to test my fitness in the rest of the season. The original plan was to test my fitness in Sochi, but I will now find some other fast women somewhere to race. And I am confident it will be a season full of adventure.

Thanks everyone for the incredible support. Thanks especially to my beyond dedicated coaches and wax techs. Thanks Rossignol for the fast boards and Skigo for the speedy poles. And team Buff for being there on race day and beyond.

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