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Haig Round 3

This summer I have spent quite a lot of time on the Haig Glacier. This is definitely one of my favorite summer training spots, not only because you get to ski in the summer but also because it is such a unique training environment. You are literally in the middle of no where, at the base of a glacier and surrounded by mountains. Being so isolated there is little to do other than train, sleep, eat and BAKE! By the end of the week everyone gets a bit of cabin fever but it is still one of my favorite places on earth.

Of all the time I have spent on the glacier this is the first time I have actually remembered to take some photos. Of course photos won’t do this place justice, but here is a shot of the glacier at our last glacier camp of the year, after some fresh snow landing at the beginning of September and of the camp set at the base of the glacier above the valley where we hike in.



The camp is the 3 little metal huts to the lower left hand side of the photo. The valley on the left is the approach hike/run and is about 3 hrs from parking lot to camp.


Speaking of cabin fever, even the squirrels go a bit crazy. This one thought my post run snack should be shared, even though I was not offering, it jumped onto my legs and literally grabbed a piece out of my hands as I was eating.

This last Haig camp marks the end of summer training. We have a couple of weeks at home before we head down to Park City, UT for a training camp with some of the fast girls from the States.

Until then,

Happy trails.

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Online Again!

Wow, this summer has gone by quickly!

I have been super busy juggling working more and getting maybe the most solid summer season of training for me so far.

I am heading into the Haig glacier today for round 3 of summer skiing and altitude training. My site has been down pretty much since my last post in April (yikes time flies!), so here a bit of a photo summary of the summer. When I get down to a good internet connection I will write a bit more of an update.


Since the rockies got soooooooo much snow this past winter the spring was filled with lots of snowy hikes.


Even by the end of the summer in late August, you can still see snow lingering at higher elevations.


I spent a lot of time on the Haig glacier, it always seems I am either recovering from or preparing to go to the glacier. But this constant cycle has been a good mix of never loosing the feel of snow skiing and keeping a bit of extra red blood cells on board with the extra altitude exposure. Every time I go up here I feel a bit better.


The perfect afternoon recovery at the glacier.

A chocolate party on the Helipad!

Happy Adventuring!

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