Andrea Dupont

Happy Skier New Years!

Skier New Years is May 1st. It is the time when we all reset our training logs and plan for the next year. It is a time of self analysis and reviewing of goals and training focuses of the past year. It is a time for highlighting what worked well and what was less than effective. I then break down these goals into process goals to be achieved at different times during the year. I then meet once a month with a team mate to make sure we’re actually doing something about these goals. Sometimes I feel like I would be way more effective in life if I went through this process for other areas as well.

May is also a month of easing into training. Not quite ready to be back on snow I have been trying to do mostly mountain adventure workouts. Here are some photos from a ski into Skoki on the spring crust.

Here’s to making as many workouts this year adventure:)





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