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Distance Trials Summary

The Thunder Bay NorAms also doubled as the distance trials for World Championships. Now most of you know that distance skiing is not my strength, so I would not consider myself in contention. However this weekend were some of the best distance races I have had in a long time, ranking 8th and 14th. I was especially happy with these results as they indicate that my endurance is still very much improving.

The real surprise of the weekend was on sprint day. I had a decent qualifier, qualifying 3rd behind Dasha and Perri, and then for some reason I could not recover between the heats. Each heat I could feel myself dying earlier and earlier. I ended up in the semi-final, where a finish kick was necessary, but just not there. So I ended the day in 10th and learned why my coach recommends skipping the distance race before important sprint races:)

The weather was bitterly cold hovering around -18C most days. Not the most fun for racing.

Here are some frosty pictures from the races.



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December racing

Well the first part of the season has come and gone in a whirlwind. It always feels good to get the first few races under your belt to seeĀ  if the summer of training has paid off. After my first summer of no injuries, it feels great to start the season not playing catch up with training during race season.

The first few races have shown that I am fitter than I have ever been, posting some of my best distance results in many years. The increased fitness also makes sprinting more fun, as I am not just trying to survive the heats but can focus on tactics in the heats. With a ton of fast Americans and a few tactical errors in the first two NorAms, I finished as the 2nd and 3rd Canadian (or 8th and 6th respectively).

Here is a photo from the second weekend of NorAms in Rossland, BC.

Happy New Years everyone!


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