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Skiing every month of the year!

This year I’ve been able to skiing for at least a week of every month since May. In May we skied in Silver Star, in June we had some fabulous skiing at Sunshine meadow just West of Banff, and July and August our team spent some time on the Haig Glacier in Kananaskis just a short drive from Canmore. The plan was to return to the Haig for a short camp at the end of this September to complete my year of skiing every month of the year. However groomer problems pushed back the camps until I was out of province:( So I guess I will have to wait for another season to attempt to ski every month of the year.

For the month of October the nordic centre has rolled out the store of snow from last season and nicknamed the small loop “Frozen Thunder”. I skied on Frozen Thunder this morning and was pleasantly surprised. The loop has been in place for over a week now and the conditions are still amazing. Some sawdust has come to the surface in some areas however the snow base is still a good foot deep. The loop is a little less than a kilometer but includes a decent hill, worthy of offset and some rolling terrain. It will definitely feed my snow fix until there is real snow to be found.

The weather is looking promising for skiing in early November at Sunshine or in Lake Louise.

Until then, great job Canmore Nordic Centre!

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Work on your weaknesses until they become your strengths, and then repeat!

This is a motto I endlessly apply to training as I continually tweek my goals to improve on my weaknesses. This year required a huge focus on skate technique, for me. I will be the first to admit that my skate technique is atrocious, relying mostly on my strong arms :)

So this training season has involved a ridiculous amount of legs only and more recently, at our fall training camp, a lot of one-skating up mountain passes. The later was initially painful but somehow became easier as the long distance days on continuous climbs forced some technique changes to kick-in. Gotta love those moments when things ‘click’ and suddenly skiing feels almost effortless!

Here is a photo from my last long day of climbing up Highwood pass.


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