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Summer flies by…

As usual it has taken me way to long to sit down and write this first post of the training year.

Summer training has been going  super well and I am proud to report that I am injury free! Which means I have been able to train doing exactly what I love, running, climbing mountains, strength training, plyos, SSS, roller skiing, Sunshine skiing, glacier skiing and my new f  ound love bouldering.

It is crazy how quickly time flies and how easily training hours can be logged when you don’t have injury limitations. I have not really upped my training hours from last year, only increased the quality replacing biking hours with run/hike hours or arms only hours with full body roller skiing.

Here are some pictures from some hikes in my backyard. For me, this is what makes training in the mountains so fun!


Overlooking Cascade Mountain, one of my favorite scrambles in the valley.

My favorite view of Lake Louise on the way to the plain of 6 glaciers.

A view of the Canmore valley on the way up the East side of Rundle Ridge.

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