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A big part of racing fast is training hard and then backing off of training right before racing so you feel amazing when you get to the start line. So as soon as Olympic trials were over and my focus shifted to racing fast at the Canmore World Cups in Feb, I started training again. The plan was, lots of volume, followed by lots of intensity, followed by a taper week and then race.

These past few weeks have been a refreshing change of pace from the continuous travel that ski racers live most winters. Living in the location of the Feb 6th World Cup race has allowed me to live at home and train on the course. I have now skied this course an innumerably amount of times and I think there is a huge home course advantage to be had on this course.

Don’t get me wrong, this course is still the toughest sprint course I have ever raced, but I now know my weaknesses and have had a couple of weeks to work on them. I think this course will definitely shake up the World cup field and I predict that we will see some World cup distance skiers excel on this grueling sprint course.

For me, I feel like I am back in the days when I was juggling racing and school. When I was strong enough to be fast, but not in good enough shape to last an entire sprint course. Back then it was all about, going out hard and just holding on for dear life. This is the course that is pretty much up hill for the first 2:30, with the last 30 seconds of this being exceptionally steep. So now once again it is all about, going out hard and just holding on for dear life on the last climb, only this time I’m in just as good shape as everyone else.

I love quotes, and there are so many great ‘suffer through it’ quotes out there, so I will leave you with 2 of my favorites.

‘You can always go harder; because you won’t die, even when you feel like you will.’

-Floyd Landis

“You’re not slowing down because you’re tired, you’re slowing down because you’re slowing down.”

-Trudy Gardner

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