Andrea Dupont

Noram Racing

Although it is disappointing narrowly missing an Olympic spot, I can not be disappointed with my season thus far as I’ve had better Noram races this year than I ever have. This past weekend was my second Noram sprint podium of the season. Dasha dominated the qualifier as usual, but to my surprise I qualified second ahead of Perri, one of our National team members that races more on the World Cup circuit than she does domestically. The course was 1.2 km but the snow was so incredibly fast that the top girls had qualifying times of less than 2 minutes. The fast narrow twisty turny nature of the trail made for a fun day of racing. In the end I was 3rd behind Dasha and Perri, but not at all disappointed as this is the first year I truly feel I can keep pace with these girls.

And now after dominating the domestic circuit Dasha is heading over to Europe to do some pre-Olympic World Cups. I can’t wait to see what this girl will do!

Here is are photos of the podium from the first day of trials and from the sprint day in Val Cartier.

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