Andrea Dupont

Beautiful Brown Corduroy!

It sure is great to be with family for Christmas, however the snow situation out here on the east coast leaves a lot to be desired.

The east coast was hit with two days of solid rain before I arrived, putting a serious dent into their less than optimal snow year. Despite all these set backs the local ski club has managed to groom some of their trails. Amazingly, the groomer has managed to till the overly icy conditions into beautiful super fast corduroy, unfortunately most of the trails don’t have quite enough of a snow base and many sections of the trail are more brown than white. But with lots of training hours to put in over the next week, to ensure I have the base to be fast for the Canadian World Cup early February, I am just happy to not have to put in all these hours running on a treadmill.

Here are some photos of the surprisingly fast dirt flavored snow.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday and that you have more snow than we do!



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