Andrea Dupont

Training is OVER!

With only a few days left before trials I find myself looking up at the course and thinking that this is the toughest sprint course I have ever seen. With 45m of climb in 1.47km, the course will probably take the top skier more than 4:30 mins. I know some of you are thinking that 4.5mins is not really a sprint, and you would be right, this is going to be the longest sprint ‘sufferfest’ ever.

I have caught myself a few times this week thinking, I really should go out and do some long and hard intervals to get used to this tough course. But I have had to remind myself more than once, that training is OVER. Training has actually been over for more than a month. Any hard work done now would only hurt me on race day. Some of you may be laughing as you have known me to race myself into shape each year, but these last few weeks I have been shocked, in a good way, of how it feels to race after a solid summer of training. It feels great to race a sprint start to finish without dying and to even last to the final heat!

In these final days all there is left to do is wax, test some skis, do some baking for my waxers, chillax and mentally prepare for this crazy tough course. Even with all the training from this summer, this one is really going to hurt. This course is going to be won by the person who goes out and hurts the most.

So here is to a weekend of lots of pain!

You can check out results for the next few days at

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