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Training in Full Swing

I am now well into the second big training cycle of the summer. Now that I am injury free, I can do both the training that I love and that is needed to be in top shape for the race season. This includes everything from running, ski hiking, plyometrics, SSS (More on this another time) and even roller skiing (yes, I said it, I am starting to love roller skiing).

People sometimes ask me how I have the motivation to train as much as I do, but really I don’t know how anyone can live in the mountains and not want to be out running, hiking, biking or roller skiing. I guess I still haven’t lost that mountain awe, I hope I never do :P

Here are some shots from a training run that I did recently with team mate Dasha Gaiazova running and hiking the west end of Mt. Rundle, near Banff.  Amazing views from the top. I hope you enjoy the pics.




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